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IMG_20150804_214028“How do you find these events?”

Tibet House

Art Reception with Rima Fujita at the Tibet House

My friends often ask me this every time I talk about one of my little adventures. Then more questions arrive. “Did you find the event on a website or did you crash it and somehow got lucky? Or “Was it by invitation?” And finally, “How much did it cost to get in?” And when I spill beans, they say, “Hey, you should write about it.”

Sake and smiles at The Japan Society

Sake and smiles at The Japan Society

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Spirikal, which you’re probably wondering why anyone would go by such a ridiculous sounding pseudonym. Why not use my real name?

Spirikal and friends at Moma Pop Rally

Spirikal and friends at Moma Pop Rally

Baron François

Spirikal at Baron François

Cheese, honey and wine - oh my! Barnyard Collective

Cheese, honey and wine – oh my! Barnyard Collective

Spirikal, however silly, keeps certain anonymity, and it speaks to me. It describes my spirit and passion for exploring city events and parties. It sums me up pretty well. I am a socialite, an event-goer, or as I prefer to call myself, a metronaut.

Spirikal, l'ambassadeur at the French Consulate

Spirikal, l’ambassadeur at the French Consulate

Here's to yours !

Edible Magazine NY Grand Tasting  Here’s to you !

What is a metronaut?  To me, it is an explorer of the city. Someone who walks the street with open eyes. A person who is naturally curious and who wants to learn something new. Whether it is sale, a reception, an expo, a lecture or a dance party, a metronaut sees every event as an opportunity to meet new faces and get connected with the city. No stone is left unturned. I want to know what everyone is doing, who’s hosting what, and what contacts can I make.

Girls'night out with wine, cheese and art. French Cheese Board

Girls’night out with wine, cheese and art. French Cheese Board

For years, I have been checking out loads of social, cultural, and foodie events and parties in the city. And through these activities, I have met many people and really gotten a feel for New York, which has much to offer.

Harney & Sons: You starin' at my cocktails, punk?

Harney & Sons: You starin’ at my cocktails, punk?

And from every occasion, I have learned something new and made new friends. These events have become my livelihood, an escape from the daily grind of my job.

No matter how rewarding my career choice has been, it’s still a day job. And let’s face it; it can’t always be about work. We have to live a little and meet people. And what better place to do it than New York?

What is Where NYC Events?

I had been mulling over the idea of creating a website, which would both preview and follow up on foodie, fashion, cultural and social events in the city. I talked to everyone I knew and asked them what they thought of creating such a website.

Then my genius brother brought up a valid point. “Aren’t there already tons of sites that do this? Why would anyone care about yours?” Of course, I still don’t have answer to that. Shit. Could I really offer anything that wasn’t already out there?

Califia serving sweet iced coffee at Food Loves Tech

Califia serving sweet iced coffee at Food Loves Tech

Websites and apps such Eventbrite, Goldstar, Nearify and Viper

and the numerous social groups list events by the hundreds, and in many cases, you can sort through the stuff you like yourself. Plus the events I choose to discuss on my blog may not be your cup of tea.

Open House at the Alliance Française

Open House at the Alliance Française

But wouldn’t be cool to consolidate the best activities that I can find on one calendar, complete with previews and reviews of events, thus saving the time of having to comb every single site?

And with every question I asked myself, I thought of ten more. Who would find this website interesting? And what are these associations and groups I talk about?

How do I suggest people dress for these occasions? Should we bring friends or go on our own? And finally how to meet people at these events and get leads on other goings-on in the city?

Where NYC can answer all of that, plus include a personal perspective on events rather than just list them. This blog has three simple goals: inform, report and inspire. Many of the events featured concern food, lectures, expos, receptions and dance parties.

I hope to add more kinds of stuff, once I discover more. Whether you are looking for friends (or potential bedfriends) or just want some ideas on events to attend, this blog will help you up off your chair and hopefully out the door.

Wine and hors dœuvr

Wine and hors d’œuvres at Edible Escape 2015

Besides previewing and reviewing, I am also going to include some suggestions of restaurants, lounges and bars near some of the venues just in case a nightcap is on the agenda. You will also find savvy tips on this blog on how to find the stuff you like.

Finally, I’m going to provide a little lifestyle and social advice to those who want make a good impression on others. In this section, you can learn about upcoming sales and fashion tips as well as how to present yourself. I am not going to be smug, but I have learned both from my mistakes and watching others at events.

Can we comment on the blog posts?

No, I don’t forsee any Yelpification on the site, where one can read the same comments on how ‘it used to be cool’ or rants about how everything sucks. Although you can’t comment on the posts, you can certainly contact me if you have suggestions or requests for information.

Reception at the Asia Society

Reception at the Asia Society

I’m also aware that the Internet is a troll-infested cesspit from hell with mean-spirited people everywhere. So if your aim is to trash everything, this site won’t be for you. I really want it to be fun and positive so I won’t respond to any negativity.

Japan Society

Meet and greet at the Japan Society Members Preview

All events reviewed will have warm and sometimes cool, but constructive, feedback. If I don’t anything nice to say, then I won’t write about it. Cheers for your understanding.

Fancy a drink? Edible Good Spirits

Fancy a drink? Edible Good Spirits

I hope that this blog will serve in some way as a blueprint to getting excited about this city I have learned to call home. So join me and let’s get out and about.