Copenhagen Street Dog Launch Party in the LES


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EVENT: Revolving Dansk at The Delancey in the Lower East Side.

DATE: Sunday 2 August, 2015

What do you Danes put on their hot dogs?  I decided to find out for myself as I headed to at The Revolving Dansk launch party at  The Delancey  in the Lower East Side.

It seems everywhere you go, you can learn a lot about a society by watching what condiments they use on their beloved street food. From vegetarian fare such as kulcha with mustard greens and achar (an Indian spicy, sour pickle) in Amritsar, India to a kebab with extra white sauce in London, condiments define the tastes of the region.

Ceci n’est pas un hot dog. Ceci est un pølse!

Hotdogs are no exception. I often thought growing up in Chicago that a good dog meant everything on it, including chilies. But what does “a hot dog with everything on it” mean in different cities or countries come to that? In Seattle, they put on cream cheese on it. Or in Sweden, a friend told me that mash potato and shrimp salad are the preferred accompaniment. It sounds revolting, but if you’re pissed drunk at 2AM, probably any condiment, however strange, will do. I’d draw the line at Nutella.

So what do they put on theirs in Denmark?
The Danes’ got their own unique twist on the perfect everything-on-it dog or pølse: sour whole grain mustard, ketchup!, thinly sliced pickled cucumbers, fried and raw onions, apricot marmalade and slightly savory, aniseedy liquorice powder. I especially liked the thin pickled cucumbers, which weren’t too sweet and brought a little acidity to beef. The Carolina Reaper hot sauce – allegedly made from the hottest peppers in the world was good but didn’t pack much of a punch. It was more like a slightly spicy ho-hum condiment. Still, the dogs were really delicious and perfect with a refreshing beer.IMAG2827

Revolving Dansk, run by Mark Høedholt and his wife Sera, are hosting a slew off pop-up tastings and participating in some upcoming hot-dog cook offs, which are worth checking out. Bloggers and select guests at today’s event got a gift bag of goodies including: whole grain mustard, ketchup, a pint of pilsner beer, and the Carolina Reaper sauce. Shit, now I’ve got run to the butchers and buy some frankies!

But I digress. Let’s get to back to the event.

Savoring the delights at the Copenhagen Street Dog launch party

Savoring the delights at the Copenhagen Street Dog launch party

On the whole, the launch party was fantastic, and I sampled  Danish pølse, which were free along with the eccentric but frickin’ delicious condiments.   The $4 bottled beer special was also a welcome relief to the afternoon blazing sun. I decided to go it alone to this event, but there were plenty of opportunities to chat with people. The place was crawling with photographers, foodies and writers as well as Scandinavians.


My only gripes was that I had expected a street fair because after all the title of the event was “Copenhagen Street Dog”. It turns out that others had the same impression. The Delancey is actually a bar with a small rooftop space. Although they had both an indoor and rooftop bar, all the hot dogs where on roof, which was incredibly crowded people reaching for a free pølse. At times, it was difficult to get to the dogs because of the long lines.

This was partly because so many people showed up. When I asked people, “How did you hear about the event?” Everyone had a different answer. I got an invite through Eurocircles (see Associations and Groups for more info), but others found out about the event through Danish churches and food distributors. The rest found it on Revolving Dansk’s website, friends or through other social media.  The event filled to capacity. Despite  too much advertising; however, everyone seemed to have a great time.

1. If you’re going to a launch party, always bring cash! Whether or not drinks are free, always tip the barman or lady. The Delancey charges for drinks, and for this event, had  a $39 credit card minimum, which is ridiculous if you ask me. I’m not going to drink 10 beers on a Sunday afternoon!

2. For summer afternoon rooftop parties, always hydrate and put on sunblock before you go because it’s hot up there.  Sunglasses are highly recommended. It was over 90 degrees today and the sun was directly on us the entire time.

3. Make sure you have your ticket. Always RSVP in advance because even Revolving Dansk’s pølse party was so crowded that they were only allowing people who had registered.

4.Oh, and bring your business cards. Lots of them. Events like these a great networking opportunities for you to get to other events.

Please see my Event Previews section or consult the calendar for upcoming Revolving Dansk festivities.