AfroPunk Free Concert at Lincoln Center Outdoors

IMG_20150803_225741Event: Afropunk                            Date: Saturday 1 Aug 2015

Damrosch Park, Lincoln Center    Cost Free / All ages

Verdict: Can’t go wrong! Great live music, family friendly a fantastic vibe and free!

To go or not to go? That is the question when either your friends are out of town or flake out on you. Sometimes, you’ve just got to do it on your own. Normally, I’d recommend that you go with friends to any of the events featured on this website; however, when there’s no alternative, don’t be a afraid to take matters in your own hands.

If you ever are on your own or want to listen to good music in the summer, Lincoln Center hosts several concerts and dance evenings, which many are free. Whether you fancy classical, rock, Jazz or R&B, this is great way to get out of the house and see something new.

This Saturday, I was feeling particularly lonely. After soccer practice. I headed home, showered and went to check out Afropunk at Lincoln Center. Best decision ever! What a fantastic evening of live R&B, classic rock, funk and soul. The line up for this show included: top act Vintage Trouble a really cool rock group from L.A. that  I’d seen once on David Letterman. The singer had the most amazing energy. The highlight of the evening is when he jumped off stage and continued singing while strolling through the crowd. This group is going to be huge soon.

Other key acts included The Skins, Lion Babe and an experimental group Chargaux from Brooklyn. The Skins really rocked it, giving a lovely soul twist with funky dance beats. Wicked!

My only issue was that Chargaux played on a smaller stage away from Damrosch Park, which meant that I missed the first opening act on the main stage. And when I got to Damrosch Park behind the Met Opera, I had to wait in line.

After Vintage Trouble ended their set with such frantic euphoria, it seemed odd to show a somewhat somber art documentary about an artist from Africa. Although the documentary was interesting, it seemed completely out of place with the concert. Maybe, they should have shown it before the live music? I really can’t say.

Happily, Afropunk isn’t over just yet. If you’ve got nothing on for Saturday, August 22, get your tix for Afropunk Fest at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn. This is ticketed event so it ain’t free for general admission, but if you volunteer you can earn your keep.

You can get your tickets through

For more info on this upcoming event visit:  Afropunk Tix info