DJ Party: Rinsed Artificial History Aug 15 @ 11PM

RINSED IT party at Le Bain Dec. 12, 2014

RINSED IT party at Le Bain Dec. 12, 2014

Just a quick heads up to let you know that another Rinsed party is on the way.  If you feel like dancing to some really killer DJ sets, then you’ll definitely want to show up for this one.

I’ve been to a couple Rinsed parties thanks to one of my friends who’s pretty plugged into the dance scene. The parties are usually in Brooklyn, but they sometimes surface at Le Bain in Manhattan as well as on the Circle Line boat.


This event’s location is TBA, which means that it’s probably in Brooklyn – usually Williamsburg or Bushwich, but that could change. Ticket holders get a text normally around 9:00 with the location and address. So be ready on the day off.

IMPORTANT: FACEBOOK DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION – you must go to Resident Advisor and get your tickets.

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As for the music, it’s a fantastic blend of house, disco, funk and R&B with some pretty experimental stuff. I’m a big house fan, but there’s always something there for everyone. The best bit about these parties is that they’re all different in terms of themes and DJs.


If you’re going to check it out, but your tickets early. With some exceptions such as the parties at Le Bain, they usually are sold in three tiers with first being the cheapest, usually $10:00. Be aware that the prices hike as the event draws nearer.

Dress code: Remember this is a dance party so you don’t have to treat this like you’re at a wedding. Stylish, fly and fun are the basic guidelines you should follow.


When: August 15th, 11:00pm
Where: The Museum of Artificial History, Secret Location TBA
How: Limited Presales on Resident Advisor
Stay Connected: By Attending on Facebook

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