Preview: Nihongo no Chat at the Japan Society Fri. Sept. 11 2015

Event: Nihongo Chat (Japanese chat)

Date: Friday Sept. 11, 2015 (The event is reoccurring. See below for upcoming dates)

Time: 6-7:30 PM

Location: The Japan Society

Damage: $5.00 (refreshments provided)

If you are interested in practicing your skills in Japanese or would like to start, then join Nihongo Chat at the Japan Society in by the UN. It’s only $5 and open to all. There are plenty opportunities to meet lots of people. Many of the participants are taking classes at the JS, but this event is open to all.

Please RSVP to call 212-715-1293.

Upcoming Chats – Mark your calendar!
Thursday, October 29
Friday, November 20
Friday, December 11

Spirikal’s advice:

  • From my experience, the crowd is diverse from college students to retirees. Each time I’ve gone, I’ve met more people and learned something new.
  • Dress code: Casual / business is fine – coat check/ cloak room is not always available
  • Bring friends or go it alone. It’s cheap!
  • The refreshments are limited, but there are plenty of cool places you can continue your chat over night cap. All are within 10 minutes walking distance  Please see the list.
  • Aburiya Kinnosuke $$ – very classy, great menu, slightly upscale
  • Riki ($) Izakaya, inexpensive, upstairs karaoke rooms
  • Sakagura Tricky to find because it’s tucked below in an office building, but has most extensive sake menu, good food,
  • Soba Totto $$ – classy, fantastic intimate sake bar, great find
  • Udon West($) You can’t go wrong here. Pitchers of beer, decent grub, fast service