As summer rooftop parties dwindle, autumn brings new possibilities and old friends.

Ever since I was a child, I hated everything end-of-summer. Back-to-school sales and the song “Boys of summer” always started in August giving a gloomy warning of the impeding school year about to start.  Now an adult and school teacher, my feeling has changed deeply. I can enjoy every season, whether I’m working in the dead of winter or enjoying sunshine on a beach.

I’ve had an extraordinary summer and checked out many events in the city, including: Revolving Dansk’s Danish hot dog launch party and Mr. Sundays outdoor dance fest in Industry City in Brooklyn.

Mister Sunday outdoor DJ party

Mister Sunday outdoor DJ party

And who can forget AfroPunk in August?


And then there were the ubiquitous summer rooftop parties: swanky and always by the dozen. My childhood fear of heights was forgotten while chatting with new friends and enjoying the odd voddy cranberry.


The numerous parties, however fun, brought a familiar repetition of events. The same craft beer fests, barbecues and the same socialite meetups start reappearing. And then you wonder how many DJ yacht tours (although don’t miss Rinsed Coke Yacht on Aug. 29!!) and all-white parties can you attend. Could you really say “this white party was not as white as the other?”


Then, there were regrets of things I missed. Why did I not go to the Hot Sauce festival in Brooklyn? Honestly, I don’t even remember. And what was I doing that was so damn important to miss the Veuve Clicquot polo match? As usual, I can only say: I dunno.

With summer on the decline, I welcome September with open arms. New kinds of events are popping up and the old-reliables, or my chums as I call them, are back after the summer hiatus. The Japan Society, Alliance Française, NY Fashion Week are just a few things that are on the radar.

A new season also brings new stuff to explore in the city. For example, the Future Food Expo in Brooklyn will feature loads of vendors and craftsman showing their new products to the public.

Brooklyn Coffee and Tea expo in Greenpoint

Brooklyn Coffee and Tea expo in Greenpoint

I can’t wait to go and see what their doing. I will definitely follow up with a event review for you all. As the French and German consulates resume their activities and Edible Magazine and the French Cheese Board showcase new tastings, I will add these as early as I can.

For all upcoming events, be sure to check out my calendar – which include the details, tips and nearby spots to enjoy some refreshment. I will recopy some choice nuggets to the Event Preview section on this blog.

In addition to the events, I will also include upcoming promotions from department stores like Saks, Barney’s and Bloomingdales and affordable sample sales as Soiffer Haskin, Privé and Clothing Line awake from their summer slumber. Check my section “Are we not men?” for reviews on new trends and styles.

With so many more events springing up in the upcoming months, it’s going to be a fantastic fall season. Whatever you fancy, I hope WhereNYC help will get you up out your seat and out and about in the city.