Review: Uomo Moderno Fashion Week Launch Party 9/11 @ The Cutting Room

Meet and greet at Uomo Moderno's NYFW party

Meet and greet at Uomo Moderno’s NYFW party

Event: Pre-NYFW Fashion Show and meet-and-greet with designers and models.

When: Sept.11, 2015 @7:30PM  at the The Cutting Room 

Friday night was both fun and bizarre at the Uomo Modern Mag party. Overall, I had loads of fun, in spite of the initial chaos.IMAG3091

Positive feedback: Francesco from Uomo Moderno is a fantastic guy and put on a really good show. He explained what the designers were showcasing and even gave a thoughtful tributes to victims of 9/11. We even got to meet the designers and flirt a bit with the models.15-09-13-15-26-34-536_deco

Constructive feedback:  The fashion designs were really nice, but I think the venue was a let down. It was too dark, making it hard to see the clothes. Plus, I think The Cutting Room  should have removed the tables because it made it harder for the models to walk around. It also made it harder for us to mingle while people were having dinner.  Finally, the string and piano ensemble was a nice touch, but sometimes, you need a bit of oompf and upbeat sounds rather than  chamber music.  IMAG310815-09-13-15-30-38-676_deco

I think it was a very good job, but maybe a better venue will be a priority.








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