Photos from Privé Media Fashion Show @ the Highline Ballroom Mon. Sept 14. 2015


mobile_2x-6a83c96abbe6d0b4Event: NY Fashion Show at Highline Ballroom in Manhattan presented by Privé, Sky Vodka, Eurocircle and Maserati of Manhattan

Overall: Fantastic fashion show with loads of models, new creations and a DJ show with an open vodka bar made this  worthwhile. The turnout was huge, but there was no drama at the door. Basically if you were on the list or had a ticket, you got in.  IMAG3225

My only grip is that they started the fashion show late, and the singing bit from some god-awful “Grammy-considered” karaoke singer (I know. That’s first time I ever heard of that term used before!). They should have scrapped that bit because we were there only to see the fashion parade. Sometimes it’s a case of too many cooks will spoil the broth. My only advice is just keep it simple and straightforward.

Huge turnout

The gathering crowd

After securing two press passes – thanks to Privé Group, I tottled over with a galpal of mine to check out the fashion show. Although, it took a while for the show to begin, which was around 10PM, I had a great time chatting with the models, designers and fellow metronauts who came to see the action.



The open bar unfortunately was only for an hour, but it was great to enjoy a voddy cranberry or two before the designers showcased their creations.  I couldn’t believe how many people showed up, which made the event even more spectacular.  Rather than give a lengthy review, I’ve decided just to share these pics with you. Enjoy my dear metronauts!





Meeting the models


Looking the part