Review: Future Food Expo at Taste Talks in Greenpoint Brooklyn Fri-Sun, 9/11-9/13


Market Space – Open to the public

Event: Future Food Expo at Taste Talks with Colossal Media in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Overall: This is was a fantastic, innovative platform, where people with new ideas can showcase their products and get the public interested. I made several new friends and learned about new kinds of food. For more info, visit:  Taste Talks Future Food


Korean soba? Wha???

It’s rarity when you discover anything fascinating just on whim, but it’s when you don’t expect anything that you find something special.  Forget the usual “Made-in-Brooklyn”fare because this event showcased what people are doing in New York, across the country and even in Toronto.


La Brea presents “Breaking Bread” Lol!



The expo was divided in three buildings – the largest, the warehouse looking one had sort of a covered market feel. There my friend and I got to try some delicious breads from La Brea Bakery from California on their “Breaking Bread” (Haha!) promotional tour. The spicy, red pepper gazpacho from Foragers Market from Dumbo and Chelsea was inspired. With a splash of iced vodka and some marinated squid, I think I would’ve been in heaven!


Love Beets – Who doesn’t love a beet?

There were other new ideas circulating around such as the app: Ingredient(1) which helps you create your food ID. I can see that this would popular with granola hippies and fad-diet chasers, but this app can also help you locate hard-to-find ingredients at different supermarkets. I think I might check this out because I’m hunting for some stabilizer for making an alcoholic sorbet (naturally) and can’t find it anywhere.


Forager’s lovely, spicy gazpacho.

Others from the share-economy included The Munchery – which seemed like SeamlessFarmingo, which is an online farmers’ market intended to keep farmers supplying gluttons like myself with their locavore fix. According to Zoe, their rep, farmers would take 60% of the profits. “Are you mad?” I thought, but you can’t deny this is great for our nation’s farmers to have this kind of access.

Speaking of access, although this event’s covered market was free and open to the public, you need either a “food enthusiast” or a press pass to access the talks and tastings in the other buildings. Unfortunately, it made it sometimes confusing whether we had access.


Unctuous and decadent grits with butter, cheese and shrimp by Root & Bone


If you did have one of those foodie passes or were writing about this event, you got to check out some of the talks and demonstrations.  As for the food demos and tasting, I absolutely loved the grits with shrimp and butter from the cooking demonstration from Root & Bone in the Village. It was the first time I actually enjoyed grits, ever! I promised myself that I’d have to go back here very soon.





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