Review: Eurocircle Masquerade Party @ The Empire Hotel Rooftop

Event: Eurocircle Masquerade Party at the Empire Hotel Rooftop Tues. Oct. 27, 2015

On the balcony at the Empire Hotel Rooftop Lounge

Balcony view at the Empire Hotel Rooftop Lounge

Spirikal’s bottom line:  Eurocircle’s swanky parties never disappoint. Last Tuesday’s meetup was a cool evening with drinks, good music and loads of people.

From China and Latin America

From China and Latin America – After a couple glasses of wine, I’m out of focus!


Review: You can never go wrong with one of these events. The Empire Hotel Rooftop is a great space with two bars and a dance floor. My mate Ian and I tottled over after meeting up for a bite and drink at Iroha Izakaya on 49th St. Although we had RSVPed for this event, it was open to all who said “Eurocircle” to the bouncers in the lobby. That’s what I really about Eurocircle, it’s hassle free and honest. No weird “Are you on the list” bullshit from the bouncers. You dress the part; you get in. Simple. Some events are ticketed, but the majority are not.

Meeting two new friends from Bulgaria

Meeting two new friends from Bulgaria

Turnout was good

Turnout was good

Spirikal and two gals visiting from Taipei

Spirikal and two gals visiting from Taipei, Taiwan

From European Latin American and Asian expats, models, big wigs, photographers, UN employees and more, we chatted with so many people from all different walks of life.  This is a great way to be social. I couldn’t complain either about the DJ. With loads of old school hiphop and new house mixes, what’s there not to like?

Masked and looking the part

Masked and looking the part

Crappy pic, but you get the point!

Crappy pic with the flash on me, but you get the point!

My only little gripe was that much of the outdoor balcony space was closed off, which was a shame because the view was limited. There was no official coatcheck either, but there was a small curtain in the corner, where I stashed my briefcase.  After 10ish, it was time to head home. With the sounds and sights still buzzing in my head as I rode the train home, it was a good party.

At the bar

At the bar



Review: The Wanderer’s Game Press party @ the Attic Rooftop & Lounge Fri. Oct. 2015

Event: Press Party for the Wanderer’s Game play production at the Attic. Check out the preview: The Wanderer’s Game. And the MP3 recording here. Good stuff!

with Sammy, Donna from DMochelle and Yadira @ the Attic

with Sammy, Donna from DMochelle and Yadira @ the Attic

Spirikal’s bottom line. This is definitely one of the better parties. I absolutely love the Attic because of its location, space and bar. There were loads of people, cool music and plenty to drink. As for the promoters, they should have handed promos and flyers for the theatre production because I suspect that many here probably forgot what this was about. But what the hell anyway, there was dancing and drinks at the bar so why should I complain?


With Sammy, Donna & a mystery masked woman!

15-10-17-22-21-13-844_decoReview: Thanks to attending DMochelle Fashion Mag party on Monday, I met Michael Reid who invited me to the Wanderer’s Game press party, which I decided to bring friends. I brought two models, Sammy and Yadira, whom I met at other events and my mate Ian. Actually, he arrived there first, and I was held up coaching the girls’ soccer game in really @#$%ing Far Rockaway! It was a miracle that I got there before 8pm given the Friday nightmare traffic on the inbound Van Wyck. To make matters worse, I had a bizarre tear in the bottom of my jeans, which I only noticed from the draft I felt below. Shit, I hope no one noticed. Anyway, I digress.



The crowd at the Attic

The party filled up around 8pm. I was on the list, thanks to Michael, but I didn’t see much in terms of promotion for this theatre production, which is an adpatation of the book; The Wanderer’s Game, by Keri Singleton and not a video game. Thankfully, I got some links from the promoter. I think in future, they should consider how to get the word out. Maybe showing some scenes on a flat screen TV, the DJ playing the songs from the productionand most of all working the floor, leaving no person unturned.

The venue: The Attic is great space, and I know it well from a Eurocircle party here last April. I was also bloody happy that the rooftop has indoor space because it was freezing on the terrace. It didn’t stop us, however, from checking out the skyline view.

The booze selection is pretty much what you’d expect but pricey, and there were no drink specials – at least when I got there so I settled for Sauvignon Blanc. I broke my all-time rule of bringing cash, but I was in a rush after the soccer game and just forgot. I got stuck running a tab because of the $30 credit card minimun. Ah well, next time, I’ll follow my own advice.


Bar and friends!

By the end of the night, I was starving having had only a banana and roll three hours earlier to tie me over. We ended up at Iroha for drinks and grub. Now off to bed.


Partners in crime






Review: DMochelle Fashions Mag’s anniversary party with a fashion show & breast cancer awareness

Event: DMochelle Fashions Mag Fashion Party & Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Event @ Shadow Boxers Bar downstairs lounge, with ticket revenue going to the American Cancer Society.


Fashion Show at Shadow Boxers



with model Yadira Valaquez

Spirikal’s bottom line. A really nice event with some interesting fashion designs, beautiful models and friendly people, but the 2-for-1 drink specials were only at the upstairs bar, which made it a pain to go up and then come back down with a drink.  My aching knees aside, I want to thank my friend Zo for inviting to this soirée. It was definitely worth it.


With Zo, Sammy and friends


I rushed to Shadows after coaching a soccer match in LIC, and shit, I forgot to wear my pink shirt!  Hopefully, my pinkish scarf (depending on the lighting, saved the bacon. Lol!


Pink is beautiful!

Although I really enjoyed the fashion show, we wanted to see more kinds of styles. My only gripe with the venue was the 2-for-1 drink specials wear available at the upstairs bar and not in the downstairs lounge, which meant you had to go upstairs to get your drink and token.


DMochelle Fashion Show

And the turnout was really good, and perhaps they should have reserved the upstairs instead or choose another spot. The downstairs lounge was on the small side, which made it hard to stay out way of the models parading their outfits.


Er, where did you get that pink jacket?

The fashion show was good, and I liked some of the dresses and outfits, but others bordered on the tacky side. Nevertheless, from my chats with the guests, they wanted to see more kinds of outfits, particularly something more in season.



The panel lecture on breast cancer was a bit on the lengthy side. I understand the sentiment to promote breast cancer awarenes, but it got quite repetitive on the need to get checked. Apparently, men also have a small risk, so should I give myself a boob squeeze just to make sure?


I got to network around and meet some of the designers and models, some of whom, have contributed to DMochelle. I even spotted Sammy, a model who I met during Fashion Week. Small world, eh?

With Sammy

With Sammy

Guys, it really pays to hand out your cards because thanks to some networking, I got another invitation to a press party at the Attic Rooftop Bar. I promise I will give you all a review of this one.













Review: The New World of Art and Photography @ Japan Society, Thurs. Oct 8, 2015

Event: Members’ preview & reception: 1968 and Beyond: The New World of Art and Photography at the Japan Society. Exhibit runs until Jan. 10, 2016


Exhibit featuring over 350 works from modern Japanese photographers and artists including: Araki, Miyako Isuchi, Daidou Moriyama, and Shoumei Toumastu.

Japan Society's director and associates

Japan Society’s director and associates

Spirikal’s bottom line: While the Japan Society’s generosity to its guests hasn’t dissipated, the exhbit, however interesting, lacked a special oomph.  And although this was a members’ only preview with free wine, they weren’t checking membership at the door, which probably was a good thing for those who just strolled in. In short, it really was a great time but the exhibited needed more.

With Masako and one of the curators

With Masako and one of the curators

Nevertheless, there were loads of people to chat with and plenty to eat. Sadly, the spread was mainly cheeses, pâtés and grapes, which was good but a little more Japanese snacks wouldn’t hurt. The wines were good, including a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that quenched my thirst. Now on to the exhibit.

Open wine bar

Open wine bar

The curators this time banned taking pictures upstairs in the gallery, but there wasn’t really much to take to be honest.

Lovely spread on offer

Lovely spread on offer

A lot of the photograhes were circa 1970s Japan with industrial streets, which to me, could have been in Long Island City or Greenpoint for that matter.  Last year, however, it was very different. There was such an awesome installation with screens and projectors everywhere casting layers of beautiful patterns over the viewers. This year, it was interesting but not terribly exciting.

Japan Society installation 2014 - Now that was cool!

Japan Society installation 2014 – Now that was cool!

My friend and I enjoyed checking out the exhibit and then headed to Soba Totto‘s for a night cap before going home. Job done.





Review: Othello & Othello @ the New York Historical Society Wed. Oct. 7, 2015

Event: Shakespeare Society collaboration with the Met Opera. A panel discussion, scene acts and selections constrasting the classic play and the opera by Guiseppe Verdi. Experts on the panel included:  the director of the Metropolitan Opera’s new production of Otello, Tony-winner Bartlett Sher, Shakespeare Society Artistic Director Michael Sexton and the great Shakespeare scholar Stephen Greenblatt, Obie-winner John Douglas Thompson.



Spirikal’s bottom line: A delightful evening with informative discussion, powerful scene acts and two opera performances at the newly renovated Historical Society.

Turnout was good

Turnout was good

Review: Thanks to my teaching gig, I got complimentary tickets to this event. I’m a huge opera fan, and this was a rare moment that I came to an event knowing a lot about the evening’s topic.

If this bores you, I’m sorry but I have to show off.  Verdi based his opera on one of Shakespeare’s most memorable tragedies with the unfortunate Othello falling victim to the evil mastermind Thiago. Verdi’s piece is essentially lost in translation.

Othello and the lustful Desdemona

Othello and the stunning Desdemona

Verdi was fascinated by Shakespeare, but according to another lecture I attended at the Met, he didn’t read English very well and instead used a French translation. I should point out that his French wasn’t up to scratch either so he changed a lot to adapt it to a musical peformance. In the opera version, the tragic figure Othello is usually played by a tenor, and the smart but villianous Thiago is the baritone. Perhaps Verdi was a bit snarky to tenors because legendary singer Dimitri Hvorostovsky said at another event that Verdi himself was a baritone and wrote his pieces for the benefit of fellow baritones. In brief, the tenors were often idealistic but foolish, whilst the baritone singer played the more cunning and sophisticated characters.

Elegant surroundings

Elegant surroundings

The panelists discussed scenes of the play and opera before and after the performancesFor me, I never really had thought about how crazy it must be for an opera director to adapt a piece like Othello for the Met, but Bartlett Sher, comically explained the amount of frustration of having to cut certain bits out and how Verdi’s version at times gave him a massive headache much to our amusement. “I’m glad it’s over,” he lamented.

To the Batmobile! Unveilling of the upcoming Gotham exhibit

To the Batmobile! Unveilling of the upcoming Gotham exhibit

Review: Diwali Day Outdoor Fest @ South Street Seaport Sun. Oct. 4

Event: Annual Diwali Festival near South Street Seaport

Spirikal’s bottom line: Lackluster at best and the weather wasn’t the real problem

Let's Bhangra!

Let’s Bhangra!

Review:  I said I wouldn’t trash an event, so I will try to be as diplomatic as possible. But the truth is that I was disappointed with the event this year, which has become a shadow of its former glory. First, it wasn’t at the South Street Seaport, but next door on an adjacent street because of yet-another Smorgasburg invasion (aren’t there enough already?) occupying the port.

The real culprit, an empty Smorgasburg

The real culprit, an empty Smorgasburg

The entertainment featured almost a dozen coordinated-dance acts playing more of the same. At first it was great, but after the fifth dance act, it got old. There was almost no live music entertainment. Could they not have hired a bhangra band? That would have been cool.

Dance routine #4

Dance routine #4

The most ridiculous, however,was the expensive, skimpy portioned food.  Living in Queens with the best Indian fare available only added to my disdain when I saw what was on offer here.

Pav Bhajis & deep fried chilies

Pav Bhajis and fried chilies

Plus you had to queue up for over a half an hour with people cutting in everywhere, just to get a limited variety of streetfood. India has so much to be proud, and this showed very little. There were the ubiquitous lamb/ chicken kebabs for $12 /$14, and charred roasted corn on the cob, which is a nightmare if you don’t have any floss handy.

This was $14!

This was $14!

There were Bombay classics like the famed pav bhajii and deep fried peppers. The sticky ladoos were good, but nothing really to write home about. I opted for a cup of masala chai, which was even watery. I felt a pang of homesickness for Maharaja Sweets in Jackson Heights.  And why was there a McDonalds tent? This was supposed to be celebration of Indian streetfood!

Sticky ladoos

Sticky ladoos

Grilling kabobs

Grilling kabobs

The Indian clothing vendors sold almost tacky traditional garb. It surprised me that they didn’t sell more accessories like scarves and shawls, which would have been more so successful.

If you’re going to showcase all-things South Asian at an outdoor fair, then you need a wider variety of food and entertainment like the Taiwan Excellence and Best of France festivals had done.  There were some interesting things to check out and some people got in the act, sporting highly ornamented Indian costumes, but whole event seemed much smaller than in previous years. After about two hours of strolling, it was time to go.


I put a spell on you!

Review: 2015 Bilingual Education Fair @ Hunter College Sat. Oct.3

Event: 2015 Annual Bilingual Education Fair at Hunter College hosted by French Morning and the French Consulate .

Bilingual Fair

Bilingual Fair

Spirikal’s bottom line: Across the country as well as New York City, departments of education have been cutting school budgets and all but eliminating foreign language programs in favor of boosting standardized testing for English and Math. Bilingual education is one major exception thanks in part to the French, parents and other communities for fighting back.  And for both parents and job seekers trolling for good schools, this is one event worth checking out.


For me, however, I turned up for three reasons: 1.) to write about the fair and 2.) to scout out some bilingual educators who could come talk to my students about career options and 3.) sniff out some French books for my school libary.

Books and mags on show

Books and mags on show

My only regret, and much to the delight of my GP, is missing the free pastry cart floating around the expo, serving up generous portions of cheesecake and tarts. Shit.

Regrets aside, I was amazed at how many bilingual schools and programs are sprouted up. Last year, there were only two schools in Brooklyn and now they’re seven. And it’s not only private and charter schools, many public, (yes public), schools are moving forward with their own bilingual ambitions.

Many of these schools divide half the instruction in English and the other in French. This wasn’t only limited to the language of Voltaire either. I met reps from several schools that had programs for Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Mandarin. Now, seriously how cool is that?


They were stalls everwhere with schools, sponsors, book suppliers and educational companies and organizations showcasing what they got. Of course, there was the Alliance Française (FIAF) and private schools offering the IB or starting an IB program such as: UNIS – The UN School and FASNY. And the Lyceum Kennedy, another French-American School along with charter school NYFACS the omnipresent Lycée français of New York were also in attendance.

Public Schools represent!

Public Schools represent!

It wasn’t only charters and private schools. Happily and because I’m a public school teacher, a number of public schools also showed off their bilingual muscles, including.PS 84, PS 110, PS 3,  MS 256. For the complete list of public bilingual ed schools in NYC, check it out here.

I met up with my friend, Fabrice Jaumont, who is the godfather of all things bilingual ed in New York. I don’t think there’s an educator, administrator or parent working in this field who doesn’t know him, unless they’ve been in a coma for 20 years.

with Fabrice Jaumont

with Fabrice Jaumont

With Fabrice’s help the French and NYCDOE have collaborated in setting up mainly elementary and junior high schools, but now, they’re moving up to creating French-English bilingual pubic high schools and expanding in Queens and the Bronx. I don’t know if Fabrice will kill me for spilling the beans, but his team are looking to create New York’s first ever French-English Bilingual IB school. It’d be the first of its kind.



Historically highly trained in grassroots warefare, the French are arming parents with this kit that outlines the steps anyone can follow to start a French bilingual program in the neighborhood school. If your child’s school principal still thinks that 33 countries, where French is either the official or secondary language, is not enough to create a French progam,  Education in French of New York provides after school immersion-style instruction including staff to help your kids get up to speed with their français. For more inquiries or to make donations: visit Face Foundation. For a complete list of participants of the fair visit: NY 2015 Bilingual fair

Bricolage in the kiddie corner

Bricolage in the kiddie corner


Deutsch ist gut!







Review: 2015 NY Coffee Festival at the 69th Regiment Armory Sun. Sept. 27, 2015

Event: Showcasing coffee, munchies, music entertainment and cocktails at the historical 69th Regiment Armory building on Lexington by Baruch College. A portion of the proceeds went to Project Waterfall. VIP tickets included access to the lectures and a complimentary cocktail.



Hommage to our brave soldiers

Hommage to our brave soldiers


Cafe Grumpy

Cappuccino by Cafe Grumpy

Bottom line: A nice event with loads to taste and enjoy, but why no tea for god’s sake??

Yes, that's a Starbucks.

Yep, that’s a Starbucks.

In need of caffeine jolt to recover from a sake-induced hangover, my mate and I tottled over to check out the NY Coffee Fest. We had a fantastic time tasting the samples and chatting with the vendors. To be honest, I’m not much of a coffee drinker so I was pretty pissed off that there was no tea going. Rebecca, a Brit who came via Toronto to help with organize the expo could offer no real explanation except that they thought Americans don’t drink tea! If the same event in London had tea, according to her, then why not here? After all, the Coffee & Tea expo in Greenpoint earlier in March was teeming with it! Americans don’t drink tea, I mean really!  {(>_<)}

Expresso martinis

Rich, decadent espresso martinis!

Anger aside, here’s some info about the people we met. At the 1st line booth, we enjoyed a unctuous coffee ice cream smoothie sample  from Elektra – maker of high end coffee machines for cafés. The device they were promoting stood almost a two feet high with several gadgets, but I could imagine anyone putting that in their apartment!


Look at the size of that!

Look at the size of that!

Hipster-based Café Grumpy, who we met at the previous Coffee & Tea Festival in Greenpoint were handing out complimentary espressos and beautifully decorated cappuccinos.

Cafe Grumpy

Cafe Grumpy

We also tasted some traditional pistachio, tangerine and salted caramel French macarons. Although they were really good, it’d be interesting to see how they match up to Ladurée et Pâtisserie Aoki in Paris.

French Macarons

French Macarons!

The ever-present Starbucks was there, which many would regard as a cancer rather than an authetic coffee merchant, promoted a new limited edition Microblend No. 11, which tasted like – good coffee! Okay, I haven’t a clue why it’s so special except that it’s got caffeine, yeah?

Starbucks special blend No. 11, aren't they adorable?

Starbucks special blend No. 11, aren’t they adorable?

After sampling over 10 kinds of coffee, we were in need of some booze. With our VIP tickets, we enjoyed a complimentary cocktail Epresso Martini Bar. My pal choose the dark espresso martini while I enjoyed a really light, refreshing citrus cocktail with Vdka 6100.

C'mon Isaac! Hurry up with my cocktail!

C’mon Isaac! Hurry up with my cocktail!

A citrus cocktail refreshingly cut through the coffee taste in our mouths

A citrus cocktail refreshingly cut through the coffee taste in our mouths


We also sampled ‘healthy’ chocolate and peanut brownies from Swedish import FIKA, which was an instant hit with the exfoliating, detoxicating women-folk, but I have to admit that they were good!.

Fika from Sweden

Fika from Sweden woos the ladies

One of the highlights of the show was the Portugese pastries from Monata Bakery Long Island City, which were indulgent vanilla choux à la crème with a hint of cinnamon in a beautifully flaky puff pastry. I could have seriously eaten the whole box if it weren’t for my quack’s warning to watch my cholesterol!

Delicious Portuguese Pasteis de Nata

Delicious Portuguese Pastreis de Nata

Other inventions included a new style of easy-to-use and even easier-to-clean French press gadget that keeps the coffee grounds from going all over the place from Simpli Press, presented by founder Jenni Morse.

Simpli Press Coffee

Simpli Press Coffee

Other stalls included Gregory’s Coffee, which I must confess was a weaker brew than they had claimed.

Gregory's Coffee

Gregory’s Coffee

Further down, I met up with The Barn, a German coffee wholesaler and distributor, who served up a mean cup of jo. It’s too bad they don’t have their own shop here in New York.

More creative tastings came from Milkadamia, an from the Land Down Under and now based in Oak Brook, Illinois , who introduced us to macadamian milk, which is like almond milk except that it was macadamia milk. Personally, I understand it’d be good for anyone with a milk allergy, but I still prefer it from the traditional cow.



Although there was no tea, I still had a great time tasting coffee and chatting with everyone there. I hope they’ll maybe rework the event next time to include some good teas and even more food. Because my stomach could only take so much.IMAG3487




Review: Best of France Outdoor Fest at Times Square Sept. 26 2015

Event: Best of France featured: live music, food, products, travel, technology and more from France.



The thought of being in tourist-infested Times Square on Saturday afternoon sent cringes up my spine; however, I plucked up my courage and set off to find my inner-Frenchie.

In spite of the crowds, I really enjoyed the delicious food on offer and sampled some amazing cheeses. It seemed that this event had everything. 150 different tourists offices, restaurants, cosmetic companies, hi-tech firms and financial institutions had stands set up in the middle of Times Square.

Basque Country represent!

Basque Country represent!

There was the stage, where the crowds enjoyed live music from an impressive all brass band from the Midi-Pyrénée region in France and other novelities such as make-overs from L’Oréal.  Whatever the live entertainment was lacking; however, the food stalls made up for it big time. Amongst the food stalls, round-the-clock cooking demonstrations and tastings attracted crowds of gastronauts and press photographers alike.

Live brass band covering Adele!

Live brass band covering Adele!

Out of scale with Club Med.

Out of scale with Club Med.

My mate, chef Claude Godard, from Madison Avenue Bistro was dishing out sinful chocolate crêpes while my friend Ariane Daguin from the French gourmet food supplier D’Artagnan sold traditional country pâté and duck sausage sandwiches, along with an array of foie gras, terrines and the ever-decadent truffled butter. François Payard and his team sold the most amazing fruit tarts and éclairs. Vive la France!

with Ariane Daguin from D'Artagnan

with Ariane Daguin from D’Artagnan

It wasn’t just brie and baguettes at this fair. The Basque country also made their mark. Sophie Garcia from Amerikanuak Bakery tantalized her guests with free samples of a beautifully made gâteau Basque, a flaky pastry filled with onctuous custard cream. Yummy!

Two gals from Saint-Germain, the importer and food distributer for gourmet European Brands handed out free mini jars of jam, and Bakery Michel et Augustin, based in Brooklyn, gave samples of freshly baked cookies to us. French high-end mustard maker Maille, introduced us to their new truffled Dijon mustard, which although delicious, was a step too far even for me.

I can't believe it's butter!

I can’t believe it’s butter!

The cheeses on sale were absolutely incredible, and I made sure to make as many friends as I could, hoping for an invite to upcoming events. The much loved Président was selling the usual suspects including Camembert from Normandy and authentic Roquefort. Seriously delicious! Further south, other distibutors gave samples of chaume and nutty sheep milk Basque cheese. Utterly to die for!

Best of France

Best of France

The French states or départements Guadeloupe and Martinique also were offering special super cheap deals for one-way flights with Norwegian Air. We’re talking $100 here, even cheaper than a flight to Chicago! Saint-Martin, a tiny but beautiful Franco-Dutch island in the Caribbean also showed traditional costumes and dances for the audience.

Caribbean beauty

Caribbean beauty

Tourst Offices associated with Àtout France came from every corner the French Hexagone had stalls set up including Rhône-Alpes, Lyon, Enghien-Les-Bains, Centre des Monuments nationaux (National Monuments) gave all sorts of freebies including flash drives, kitchen novelities, brochures and smartphone stands to the event-goers.

Payard Bakery

Payard Bakery

Many might be suprised but France is also hi-tech innovator and many French firms have a major presence in Silicon Valley. But France is aiming higher with Arianespace and Dassault Falcon, an aviation firm, which is based in New Jersey. Thales a French hi-tech aviation and defense enterprise also featured smart innovations for on-board flights.

With all this good stuff going, I never regretted not buying the ludicrously priced wine-tasting tickets for $150-$200 per head. There was so much to enjoy instead.

Calendar What to check out in October and November

As more cool stuff come my way, I will put them up here for you. For those on smartphones, you can access my calendar by clicking on ‘Events’.

October is here!  For those interesting in education, French Morning presents the Bilingual Education Fair at Hunter College on Sat. Oct 3.

Missing out on your South Asian roots? Check out the annual Diwali Celebration at South Street Seaport on Sun. Oct. 4.

If you’re by Chelsea Food Market, Privé’s Bonobo sale is happening on the same day and will continue into the following week.

Wed. Oct.7, 21, 28: Learn all about sex, bondage, picking up and rekindling the spark at the The Art of Sex & Education lecture & booksigning series at the Alliance Française (FIAF)

Don’t miss Japanese Art and Photography from 1968-79 special member preview and reception at the Japan Society on Thurs. Oct. 8.

Soiffer Haskin is back with luxury jewerly from John Hardy from Thurs. Oct. 8-11.  The following week, endulge in stimulating discussion with champagne & hors d’œuvred at the 934 Conference on Pakistan at the French Consulate on Wed. Oct. 14.

Leonard Lopate and Locavore food talk series at the WNYC Greene Space. Award-winning chefs Marcus Samuelsson (Wed. Oct. 7) and Madhur Jaffrey (Wed Oct. 21) will join Leonard Lopate for a discussion, followed by delicious refreshments and a glass or two of wine.

The fun keeps coming in November. Japan Society present Okinawan food and textiles on Tuesday Nov. 3 and the unbelievable awesome Edible Escape Food festival comes back Thursday November 5.

Keep checking the WhereNYC calendar for more updates.