Review: The New World of Art and Photography @ Japan Society, Thurs. Oct 8, 2015

Event: Members’ preview & reception: 1968 and Beyond: The New World of Art and Photography at the Japan Society. Exhibit runs until Jan. 10, 2016


Exhibit featuring over 350 works from modern Japanese photographers and artists including: Araki, Miyako Isuchi, Daidou Moriyama, and Shoumei Toumastu.

Japan Society's director and associates

Japan Society’s director and associates

Spirikal’s bottom line: While the Japan Society’s generosity to its guests hasn’t dissipated, the exhbit, however interesting, lacked a special oomph.  And although this was a members’ only preview with free wine, they weren’t checking membership at the door, which probably was a good thing for those who just strolled in. In short, it really was a great time but the exhibited needed more.

With Masako and one of the curators

With Masako and one of the curators

Nevertheless, there were loads of people to chat with and plenty to eat. Sadly, the spread was mainly cheeses, pâtés and grapes, which was good but a little more Japanese snacks wouldn’t hurt. The wines were good, including a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that quenched my thirst. Now on to the exhibit.

Open wine bar

Open wine bar

The curators this time banned taking pictures upstairs in the gallery, but there wasn’t really much to take to be honest.

Lovely spread on offer

Lovely spread on offer

A lot of the photograhes were circa 1970s Japan with industrial streets, which to me, could have been in Long Island City or Greenpoint for that matter.  Last year, however, it was very different. There was such an awesome installation with screens and projectors everywhere casting layers of beautiful patterns over the viewers. This year, it was interesting but not terribly exciting.

Japan Society installation 2014 - Now that was cool!

Japan Society installation 2014 – Now that was cool!

My friend and I enjoyed checking out the exhibit and then headed to Soba Totto‘s for a night cap before going home. Job done.






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