Review: DMochelle Fashions Mag’s anniversary party with a fashion show & breast cancer awareness

Event: DMochelle Fashions Mag Fashion Party & Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Event @ Shadow Boxers Bar downstairs lounge, with ticket revenue going to the American Cancer Society.


Fashion Show at Shadow Boxers



with model Yadira Valaquez

Spirikal’s bottom line. A really nice event with some interesting fashion designs, beautiful models and friendly people, but the 2-for-1 drink specials were only at the upstairs bar, which made it a pain to go up and then come back down with a drink.  My aching knees aside, I want to thank my friend Zo for inviting to this soirée. It was definitely worth it.


With Zo, Sammy and friends


I rushed to Shadows after coaching a soccer match in LIC, and shit, I forgot to wear my pink shirt!  Hopefully, my pinkish scarf (depending on the lighting, saved the bacon. Lol!


Pink is beautiful!

Although I really enjoyed the fashion show, we wanted to see more kinds of styles. My only gripe with the venue was the 2-for-1 drink specials wear available at the upstairs bar and not in the downstairs lounge, which meant you had to go upstairs to get your drink and token.


DMochelle Fashion Show

And the turnout was really good, and perhaps they should have reserved the upstairs instead or choose another spot. The downstairs lounge was on the small side, which made it hard to stay out way of the models parading their outfits.


Er, where did you get that pink jacket?

The fashion show was good, and I liked some of the dresses and outfits, but others bordered on the tacky side. Nevertheless, from my chats with the guests, they wanted to see more kinds of outfits, particularly something more in season.



The panel lecture on breast cancer was a bit on the lengthy side. I understand the sentiment to promote breast cancer awarenes, but it got quite repetitive on the need to get checked. Apparently, men also have a small risk, so should I give myself a boob squeeze just to make sure?


I got to network around and meet some of the designers and models, some of whom, have contributed to DMochelle. I even spotted Sammy, a model who I met during Fashion Week. Small world, eh?

With Sammy

With Sammy

Guys, it really pays to hand out your cards because thanks to some networking, I got another invitation to a press party at the Attic Rooftop Bar. I promise I will give you all a review of this one.