Review: The Wanderer’s Game Press party @ the Attic Rooftop & Lounge Fri. Oct. 2015

Event: Press Party for the Wanderer’s Game play production at the Attic. Check out the preview: The Wanderer’s Game. And the MP3 recording here. Good stuff!

with Sammy, Donna from DMochelle and Yadira @ the Attic

with Sammy, Donna from DMochelle and Yadira @ the Attic

Spirikal’s bottom line. This is definitely one of the better parties. I absolutely love the Attic because of its location, space and bar. There were loads of people, cool music and plenty to drink. As for the promoters, they should have handed promos and flyers for the theatre production because I suspect that many here probably forgot what this was about. But what the hell anyway, there was dancing and drinks at the bar so why should I complain?


With Sammy, Donna & a mystery masked woman!

15-10-17-22-21-13-844_decoReview: Thanks to attending DMochelle Fashion Mag party on Monday, I met Michael Reid who invited me to the Wanderer’s Game press party, which I decided to bring friends. I brought two models, Sammy and Yadira, whom I met at other events and my mate Ian. Actually, he arrived there first, and I was held up coaching the girls’ soccer game in really @#$%ing Far Rockaway! It was a miracle that I got there before 8pm given the Friday nightmare traffic on the inbound Van Wyck. To make matters worse, I had a bizarre tear in the bottom of my jeans, which I only noticed from the draft I felt below. Shit, I hope no one noticed. Anyway, I digress.



The crowd at the Attic

The party filled up around 8pm. I was on the list, thanks to Michael, but I didn’t see much in terms of promotion for this theatre production, which is an adpatation of the book; The Wanderer’s Game, by Keri Singleton and not a video game. Thankfully, I got some links from the promoter. I think in future, they should consider how to get the word out. Maybe showing some scenes on a flat screen TV, the DJ playing the songs from the productionand most of all working the floor, leaving no person unturned.

The venue: The Attic is great space, and I know it well from a Eurocircle party here last April. I was also bloody happy that the rooftop has indoor space because it was freezing on the terrace. It didn’t stop us, however, from checking out the skyline view.

The booze selection is pretty much what you’d expect but pricey, and there were no drink specials – at least when I got there so I settled for Sauvignon Blanc. I broke my all-time rule of bringing cash, but I was in a rush after the soccer game and just forgot. I got stuck running a tab because of the $30 credit card minimun. Ah well, next time, I’ll follow my own advice.


Bar and friends!

By the end of the night, I was starving having had only a banana and roll three hours earlier to tie me over. We ended up at Iroha for drinks and grub. Now off to bed.


Partners in crime