Review: Rinsed Halloween Don’t Sleep Warehouse Party in Williamsburg Sat. Oct.31, 2015

Event: Rinsed Halloween ‘Don’t Sleep’ Party


Spirikal’s bottom line: After a near two-month hiatus, Rinsed hosted another great dance party, with killer house DJs spinning all night.  Definitely, worth the ticket price. Despite the crowds, there was no real mayhem. Just lots of dancing and happy people.


Review: It was my all-things-house-music buddy, Ian, who had introduced me to Rinsed last year. Since then Rinsed has hosted over a half dozen dance parties in ‘secret-until-the-day-of-spots’ and at Le Bain, which I vow never to return after a nasty encounter with a stupid bouncer, who I call The Crow. Anyway I digress.


Ian, Tenzin and I arrived to enjoy the open bar vodka specials, only realize that there were three warehouse parties on that street alone with people lining up at the doors. When we realized we were in the wrong queue, we quickly clambered to the next one just down the street. Why don’t they make a passport stamp – charge you let’s say $40 and give you pass to all three parties? That might be a good idea.


Inside, there were two main dance areas, two bars and a garden space of poorly constructed statues that seemed to topple over at the slightest breath of air. I personally liked one of the smaller of the two dance spaces. The freakish Joker-looking DJ was blasting out some serious beats, occasionally turning it down when the cops showed up.  Although I don’t smoke weed, the place reeked of it, which the NYPD probably thought they hit a goldmine. The party carried on as the cops cruised to another party.

The larger dance space was also cool, but it was really way too crowded and people began to push their way through. My Hamletesque costume, which I bought at Party City in the Village, was surprisingly durable, in spite of the scuffs and snags.




The crowd was huge. It seems that Rinsed has reached iconic status for an underground dance scene. The costumes varied from the most creative I have ever seen to the you’re-not-really-wearing-a-costume-are-you designs. The audience varied from young 20-somethings to not-so-young-but-still-need-to-party grownups. At times, it got really hot because of the swelling party size. Around 3am, we decided it was time to head out. We had danced for hours, with the beats of night still going boom-boom-boom in our heads on the journey home.



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