Review: Fashion & Humanitarian Benefits Awards show in Harlem Nov. 7 2015

Event: International Humanitarian Benefit Awards & Fashion Show @ the Harlem Commonwealth Council presented by Daryl Miles.15-11-16-17-03-02-188_deco


Spirikal’s bottom line. It’s hard to connect the words heart-warming and innovative to a fashion show, but the people who put on this show are amazing individuals who have gone through so much and dedicated their lives. The creations the designers displayed were imaginative and actually very well done.

Hanging out with the Harlem gang

Spirikal and Brenda with the Harlem gang

Review:  My friend and model Dira Vetold me about this charity / fashion show event so I decided to check it out for Wherenyc. The location was at community center near 125th Street. When I arrived, I was greeted by the organizer Daryl who showed around.

Yadira in a new ensemble

Dira in a new ensemble

Busty and beautiful

Busty and beautiful

The lobby had an open bar, and there were models everywhere getting ready for the show. I ran into some familar faces including: Model Brenda Monks and Sofia Davis from Fashion Avenue News. I had a feeling she would be there since her mag has organized several similar fashion shows including DMochelle and the annual Fashion on the Hudson.

Looking spectacular

Looking spectacular

Everyone was incredibly nice and had so many interesting stories to tell, including one woman, ME Singletary, who has worked on several charitable causes with the United Nations such as supplying books to Malawi, which had endured a ten-year civil war. Her organization is also active on the domestic front providing youngtsers in New York with creative outlets and keeping them away from gangs and crime. Daryl did a great job getting so many people together for this event, considering he told me that this is the first show he’s put on since 15 years!


Elegant style

Other side entertainment including a singer from Ghana who performed is American Ashanti and Dario Mohr, an artist auctioning off his impressive works of art.

Artist Dario Mohr

Artist Dario Mohr


Looking suave

My only gripes were that the show started incredibly late. They could have done the speeches earlier as planned because it pushed everything back. Also, they lighting was horrid, which was an absolute nightmare to take pictures.  I should have brought a better camera!  The music could also have been better arranged. At one point, the music even briefly stopped during the fashion show, treating us to an awkward moment of silence. Finally, perhaps I’m nitpicking but the spelled hors d’œuvres wrong on the invite. As a French teacher, I would have given my students hell for that. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the whole evening meeting the guests and schmoozing with the designers and models.



Psychadelic motif and cool attitude


Classy and sheer elegance

The fashions weren’t always to everyone’s taste, but many were creative and well put together. In comparison to Uomo and Privé‘s fashion shows, I think this one was one of my favorites. I’m really looking forward to seeing another show by Daryl.


Brenda struts her stuff

After the ending dessert reception, I hailed a cab and headed for a drink date by Lincoln Center.


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