Fashions in the Sky Fantasy Show Sat. Nov. 21 @ The Empire Rooftop Bar

Event: Fashions in the Sky Fantasy Show Sat. Nov. 21 @ The Empire Rooftop Bar, sponsored by Eric Vega & Fantasia Veneziana.


Beauty and glitter

Getting hot in here

Getting hot in here

Spirikal’s bottom line: This is by far the most erotic, carnivalesque fashion show I’ve ever seen. Although I can’t imagine anyone parading around the city in one of these outfits, the colorful, shimmering costumes and exotic beauty on display at the Empire Rooftop made for a fantastic evening.

Spirikal and Dira Ve

Spirikal and Dira Ve



Review: My friend Dira Ve sent me an invite to the fashion show at the Rooftop Bar at the Empire Hotel by Lincoln Center. With one glance of the beautiful women scantily dressed on the flyer, I was game. Knowing that it’s always best to turn up with company, I decided to enlist my friend Brent as my wingman, who happily agreed on this sortie.

Red devils

Red devils

If you haven’t heard of the Empire Hotel, you should know that loads of social groups, companies and associations frequently host events here. It’s a great venue with two bars, a balcony (with smoking area), and surprising amount of space. The rule of thumb is that some thing is always going on here. And funnily enough, I was just here recently during the week of Halloween for the Eurocircle Masquerade Party; however, it was a galpal of mine who had first brought me to an iclubnyc event at the Empire.


The fantasy fashion show was open to the public and everyone (well almost) got a buy-one-get-one-free drink ticket, which came in handy for a second glass of dry Proseco. But the dude at the door forgot to give a ticket to my wingman. Well at least he apologized.


From chatting with the organizers, photographers and guests, I also learned that they advertised this event on several social media outlets including: and Facebook. Surprisingly, although there was a decent turnout, I expected more people to show up.

Also, to my surprise they held the show in the indoor terrace, which may sound like an oxymoron, but they lighting was atrocious. The darkness seemed to suck any light away. That was a shame because many of my shots came out dark, despite bringing a better quality camera. They eventually brought out another lamp, but somehow it wasn’t positioned correctly.



The women modeling the fantasy costumes, on the other hand, did not disappoint. With Brent on one end and I with the other photographers in front, I thought this would make for some good snapshots. I eventually moved to the rear by my friend to get some better pictures. As the models approached, the flashes of light from the cameras bounced off their wings and accentuated the dazzling sparkles on their outfits. It was breathe-taking to watch them parade towards you draped in brilliant, vibrant colors.


Like many of the event-goers, the models and photographers alike all hold day jobs. It’s easy to think they all work exclusively in the industry; however, many of them are teachers, computer programmers or nine-to-fivers. These events to them are a second lifestyle. Some looking to break in to the industry and others do this as hobby to escape from the doldrums of work.

Busty and beautiful

Busty and beautiful

73150014Following the show, we mingled and posed for some pics with the models and organizers. The ladies networked with the photographers, while I handed out all my cards. Hopefully, I get an invite to another show soon. After the models went back to change, I walked over to main area of the lounge, where people were dancing and mingling. For us, a change of scenery was on our radar as we grabbed our coats and took off in the night in search of a nightcap.



Where do you think you’re going, young lady?





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