Review: Uomo Moderno Winter Party & Fashion Show @ Hudson Terrace

Event: Uomo Moderno Fashion Mag Winter Launch Party & Fashion Show at Hudson Terrace

Event organizer Francesco from Uomo with some of the talent

Event organizer Francesco di Maio from Uomo with some of the talent

Spirikal’s bottom line: While it was an interesting blend of unique fashion and beautiful models, the show itself was a bit too brief, and I’d have enjoyed seeing a wider variety of styles, including some more evening wear.


Denim made to look like leather


Due di latte – made with milk

It was great running into Francesco Di Maio again who always has tremendous energy to push these new fashion events. And this time, the Hudson Terrace proved to be a far better venue than at the Cutting Room during Fashion Week.

Spirikal, Francesco and some of the models

Spirikal, Francesco and some of the models

My only negatives were that show only lasted about 30 minutes, which was a shame. ¬†And the DJ seemed to be playing the same tracks over and over. Perhaps he had his I-Pod Shuffle on repeat, but if I ever hear Uptown Funk again, I’ll probably shoot the sound system.


Due di latte



All smiles, gentlemen. Some of the male model talent.

Instead of a lengthy review, I’ll instead leave you with some of the shots of the evening. Enjoy and share with your friends.


I really loved the vibrant colors of the Due di latte brand. Whoever thought milk protein could be used to make clothes.


Due di Latte




Striking a pose!


Due di latte


Beauty in blue