Review: Heaven & Earth Fashion Show @ The Empire Sat Dec. 19. 2015

Spirikal’s bottom line.  In spite of some very talented models showcasing racy swimwear, the show fell flat and was over rushed. The overall lack of variety and slight cheeziness of the skimpy wear left me feeling a bit disappointed. I wanted to see something a bit more high end. Don’t get me wrong. I had fun, but it could have been a lot better.



Review: I’ve seen some great independent fashion shows that featured classy outfits, stuff that you could see people wearing, but this show seemed to be more about showing skin than style. If you’re going to do a swim wear show, you need to feature a better variety of beach fashion that people would wear while on holiday.


The highlight of the show. Great job Dira!


Many of these outfits were the opposite. Yes, sexy is good, but there should be style and panache with an attitude to say, “I’m rockin’ it!” To me, some of the models seemed a bit uncomfortable as the show grew from skimpy to borderline tacky.

Why not show, beach shawls, sportswear and  even some one pieces? Plus, I found it strange that there weren’t any real outfits for guys.

I’ve been to several fashion shows including Uomo Moderno and Privé, where both had something there for everyone. In this event, the men in the show looked more like gladiators than dudes you’d see hanging around the beach. Finally, the show lasted about 15 minutes, and then it was over.


More skin

More skin

There were, however, some really nice moments. I especially liked the outfit sported by Dira Ve. Classy, elegant and the right attitude. I wished there would’ve been more like this.

Mingling with the talent

Mingling with the talent after the show.





Even he had to laugh