Review: Fantasia Veneziana “Winter Fantasy” Fashion Show @ Sky Lounge Thurs. Feb 4, 2016

Event: Fantasia Veneziana‘s Winter Fashion Show at the Sky Lounge, Times Square


Spirikal’s bottom line: ¬†A decent time with loads of beautiful models and a chance to meet some new faces; however, there’s a slightly seedy element that added to clausterphobically cramped venue.

Spirikal meets some new friends

Spirikal meets some new friends

Review:  After a bite to eat and a couple glasses of wine, my mate Ian and I headed over to the Sky Lounge, which was easy to find, thanks to its location.

Beautiful Estelle Yang

Beautiful Estelle Yang

The lounge on the rooftop was fairly large, holding three bars with several events and meet ups going on.



We ended up at the bar on the top floor of the lounge, grabbed a glass of sauvignon blanc and waited for the show to begin.


By the time, the show started, it was well after 10pm, which kind of annoyed me because I had an early start at work the next day.


The space was also narrow, and the pillars made taking pictures an absolute nightmare.


I recognized some of the cameramen from previous shows, but I ran into one who was very aggressive and tried to push me.


I decided to stay away, but in all fairness, he wasn’t taking many pictures to begin with. So why the attitude?


The fashion wasn’t my cup of tea. I prefer to see models sporting stuff that you could imagine anyone wearing outside a burlesque club.

That damn pillar!

That damn pillar!

I get that this is more of a carnival spectacle, but it seemed slightly sleazy and not at all haute couture.


You lookin’ at my mustache?


The models really did their best for the audience, but it also attracted a shadier element.


I really need to hit the gym more often.

Some of the crowd got out of hand, and one guy was even thrown out after grabbing a couple of the models.

Although I had a great time and chatted with loads of people, I’m ready to see something else, perhaps a little less flamboyant and kitchy.

IMAG6442 IMAG6376

Time to move on.