Review: Revolving Dansk Danish Pølse Dog Championship Sun Feb 21 @ Jimmy’s 43

Event: Revolving Dansk’s Danish street dog championship promotion and beer at Jimmy’s 43.

I'm not sure how one might interpret these T-shirts in Denmark.

I’m not sure how one might interpret these T-shirts in Denmark.

Bottom Line: “Hot dogs & beers” just screams Sunday afternoon comfort food, but the addition of a Danish twist with an eccletic inspiration of Latin and Southeast Asian garnishes makes something ordinary truly special.  It’s no surprise that this event sold out.

Bringing people together in street dog and beer harmony.

Bringing people together in street dog and beer harmony.

Review: Jimmy’s 43 is one of East Village’s many unassuming but special, charming neighborhood bars that serve local brews.

Craft taps are the trophies here

Beer taps are the trophies here

Located just down the street from the ever-famous, but in my opinion overrated, McSorely’s, Revolving Dansk held their annual Danish dog or pølse championship.

The event completely sold out

The event completely sold out

Though a mere promotion of its product, Revolving Dansk makes some seriously delicious hot dogs or pølse, garnished with  some unorthodox condiments.

To the more jaded who would dismiss it as only a hot-dog-eating meetup , Revolving Dansk has created a kind of social community with its events, where people get together and enjoy beer and good food with a little Scandanivian flair. And their product is successful, simply because it is delicious.

The perfect prescription

The perfect prescription

Last Sunday was so popular, in fact, that they held two sessions: The first from 1-4pm and the second from 5-8pm, and only those who had purchased tickets in advance could enter.

Whose round is this?

Whose round is this?

For this event, Revolving Dansk showcased three new special pølse and asked the guests to vote on their favorites. Quirkily titled, they included:


“She’s Got Nuts”,  – a peanut lover’s delight and for me, the best, but I would have preferred a bit more chili and a dash of nambla. That would be my 2am recharge after a legless pubcrawl.

Come to papa!

Come to papa!

The Dominican Dane with pickled cucumbers. This was a seriously delicious combo. Perfect with the IPA I was drinking.

Crack on Ian!

Crack on ! Ian tackles World Fusion

The World Fusion Dog, according to my mate, Ian, was really fantastic. The crazy garnishes included bonito flakes ginger, pineapple, and oh yes, wasabi. Perhaps a cure for a hangover.


The raffle I forgot to enter. Shit.

After the contest, RD served up the classic Danish pølse, garnished with grilled & sautéed onions, licorice powder, chili, ketchup and mustard.

Danish Pølse street dogs

Pølse Street Dog fest, LES, summer 2015

It sounds like a car crash, but it really works. In fact so well, I made my own pølse at home using the similar toppings.

Spirikal's take on the Danish pølse

Spirikal’s take on the Danish pølse

Revolving Dansk's Pølse essential travel kit

Revolving Dansk’s Pølse essential travel kit

In between hotdog breaks, Floede Bolle Inc. treated the event-goers to the Danish take on a delicious and suprisingly light, chocolate coated marshmellow bonbon.


Helen Munck serving up Danish Floede Bolle– Yummy!

If you missed this event, you can taste Revolving Dansk’s pølse at the annual hot sauce festival in Brooklyn this spring.

More to come

More to come