Review: Another North Landscape Reimagined Opening Reception @ Scandinavia House Fri 5/6/2016

Event: Another North Landcape Reimagined Opening Reception at the Scandinavia House, featuring photography and artwork inspired by the Artic north.


The Bottom Line:  The exhibit itself was fantastic, with a lot of breathtaking images, beautifully presented and well worth the journey. The reception, however, was a bit of a let down.


Pentti Sammallahti from Finland was one of my favorites.

Review: I often think that although I can look at art, I can’t always see it. The more modern it is, the more distant I feel when confronted with it.

Another North Landscape really moved me with impressive images of bleak landscapes or frozen coasts. Some photos were digitally altered, while others were simply black and white.

Many of them seemed eerily empty. Perhaps I found my inner hermit, but I couldn’t help but gaze at the photos.

Susanna Majuri "Gravity"

Susanna Majuri “Gravity”

Ole Brodersen’s empty but pittoresque landscapes really drew me in.


Something about them reminded me of the Tibetan landscape from the Looking Back photo exhibit at the Tibet House.


This was a clever bit from Eija-Liisa Ahtila who presented a large pine tree, layered with moving images.

Among my favorites, included simple black and white picture of a cat crossing an empty street. Many of the works by this photographer featured a singular animal wandering about an open space.


Susanna Majuri, “Dress”, which is the feature photo of this post, has a very haunting element of a drowning beauty in a red dress.


Mingling and art. Turn out was good, yet still not too crowded.

Although the space was rather small, the œuvres were not cluttered nor did I feel cramped. In spite of people roaming between the rooms, it still felt open.


The meet-and-greet portion on the second of the event was a let down. It looked bleak and empty in a bad way, almost dirty.  It was odd because the ground floor couldn’t have been more different. It had really nice with a posh looking restaurant, but the reception on the second floor was the polar opposite. It wasn’t cheerful. It looked like the aftermath of a wedding full of regret, at some empty banquet hall. If you want to entice people to stay, maybe spruce it up a bit. Pass around some hors d’œuvres and maybe a little live music.

In the end, we decided to skip that bit,  and instead, headed uptown to another art event at Asia Society.

Another North at Scandinavia House runs through Sat 8/6/2016
For more information visit: Scandinavia House Events