Review: French District Meet-and-Greet @ Bagatelle, 5/18

Bottom Line: Deep in the Meatpacking District, it was a welcome weeknight stop-over to grab a glass of wine and chat with some new faces.


Don’t you dare say “Last call”!

Review:  Online Journal French District, like so many social groups in NYC such as French Morning, French Tuesdays and Eurocircle, constantly organizes meet-ups, where people can gather in some swanky locations.

Fancy an oyster?

Fancy an oyster? Oysters XO

The soirée at Bagatelle was no exception. Each guest who RSVPed got a free glass of rosé and savored the complimentary hor d’œuvres.

French District                                             Bring on the dancing girls!

For Francophiles and expats, this event was perfect. Whether American, French or from anywhere else, every one enjoyed the live entertainment or got a complimentary oyster from Oysters XO before attacking another glass of wine.

Where is zee bar?

Where is zee bar? Mingle and drinks

My only gripe was that it got a bit too crowded and noisy with another overlapping event of some Spanish-speakers and diners who were seated at the table.

A bit of France in New York

A bit of France in New York?

And instead of giving a complimentary ticket for one drink, I would have opted for a happy hour price because one glass of wine is never enough.

Vive la France!

Vive la France!

Check out French District for upcoming events.





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