Review: Revolving Dansk “Craft Beer Showdown” at Stuyvesant Cove Park

Bottom Line: When it comes to serving creative quality dogs, Revolving Dansk always delivers the goods.  With a Six Point beer and a delicious street dog in hand, it made perfect sense for a Memorial Day weekend barbecue.

Revolving Dansk

Care for a bite? Revolving Dansk showing off its new contender – The Berliner

Review:  A day with plenty of sunshine needed little else to make it special, and  a sunny day with quality beer and gourmet dogs was icing on the cake.

All hands on deck - Revolving Dansk during a busy service

All hands on deck – Revolving Dansk during a busy service

Each ticket to the hot dog showdown included two craft beers from Six Point, soft drinks cider and all you can eat high end dogs, and for around $35, it was a pretty sweet deal.

Six Point beer

Six Point beer

What makes these so special? After all,hot dogs are a staple in the NYC street cart dining scene. Everyone is making them, and in the city you’re never more than two blocks away from a stand.

You lookin' at my pølse? Memorial Day weekend Danish style

You lookin’ at my pølse? Memorial Day weekend Danish style

It might seem lucridous to tap in the already established market, but Revolving Dansk, which traditionally serves the Danish dog or pølse, has branched out to include some delicious, yet unsual combinations – which no one else is doing.

Don't forget a tip!

Don’t forget the tip!  Six Point IPA 

For this competition, guests voted for their favorites among the three contenders which were:

#1 “She’s Gone Nuts” – Still my favorite, though a little more Siracha wouldn’t go amiss. It’s no surprise that this won the most votes.

Peanuts, sweet pickled cabbage and spicy siracha. Yummy!

Peanuts, sweet pickled cabbage and spicy siracha. Yummy!

#2 “The Berlin” anothe great creation a currywurst style dog with crispy onions. This worked well with the Six Point lager with corriander seed.

Revolving Dansk

Ich bin ein Berliner! A currywurst inspired dog

Tatsuya Aoki showing off his creation, the North Pacific Gyre with pickled walnuts and tonkontsu sauce

#3 “North Pacific Gyre”  a very experimental dog with pickled walnuts and tonkonstu sauce- which had a sort of salty sweetness.

"Check on!"

“Check on!”

Although I don’t think Revolving Dansk could have done a better job, my only minor gripes with the event is that the venue need more sprucing and a little more shade, perhaps a larger tent would have sufficed. The rest of food fest strangely didn’t start until 2pm, two hours after Revolving Dansk opened their street dog competition. I think they missed out.

And for the live music, I found the depressing folk odd and completely unnecessary. The music was the people chomping on dogs and guzzling Six Point. But if you’re going to have music, next time just stay with the Beatles.

Visit Revolving Dansk for upcoming events.