Review: Eurocircle MidSummer Rooftop Party @ Rock & Reilly’s Jun 21, 2016

Bottom Line: When summer is in full swing, a Eurocircle meet up is always on the radar. A chance to meet some new faces while sipping a voddy cranberry is just the perfect way to chill out after a crap day at work.

Cheers! © Mike Bas / Eurocircle

Cheers! © Mike Bas / Eurocircle

Review: Rock & Reilly’s at the Renaissance Hotel in Midtown is now on my list of places to return with friends. I had read about it in Time Out, but no opportunity arose until this soirée. Check out the photos here, I’ve been to loads of rooftop parties at the Empire, Attic, Sky and the Hudson Terrace, but in the end, they tend to be mediocre or even sometimes borderline tacky.


Fabulous view from the terrace

Rock & Reilly’s, on the other hand, is really nice and inviting. There’s a certain airiness and clean look mixed in with a classic bar charm.  The wrap around terrace greeted me with a beautiful display of greenery mixed in with smiling New York socialites hailing from all corners of the globe. And happily, the $10-vodka specials lasted the entire time I was there!

© Mike Bas / Eurocircle

Friends and new faces © Mike Bas / Eurocircle

There was, however, a slightly shady element. You always get guys trolling for girls, but a couple were a bit too touchy, which some of the girls did not like. My friend and I decided to move away and watch the Copa America soccer match, but sadly Argentina killed the U.S. 4-0. Uggh, I ordered another voddy cranberry to drown out my sorrows.

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