Review: Laird Apple Jack Cocktail Event at the Pegu Club Nov 7, 2016

Cover image: Pegu’s master creations featuring Laird’s Apple Jack whiskey © TokyoRacer WhereNYC

Pegu Club © Tokyo Racer WhereNYC

Laird’s Apple Jack whiskey cocktails at Pegu Club © Tokyo Racer  WhereNYC

Bottom Line:  With a rich heritage and unique flavor, Laird & Companies kicked off its seasonal cocktail campaign event at the mixology mecca of Manhattan,  The Pegu Club.

Review: Discretely perched on the second floor of a building on Houston Street sits The Pegu Club. Its unassuming exterior hides one of the city’s best cocktail lounges. Far from the popular speak-easy themed bars of Manhattan, Pegu Club needs no gimmicky frills when it serves drinks this good. With its colonial-style, smart interior modeled after a British officer’s club in Rangoon, Burma, it is a sipping paradise that just spells class.

This evening, we were treated to something special. Just in time for the holidays, Pegu Club’s best bartenders showed off their interpretation of the perfect fall cocktail using Laird’s Apple Jack Whiskey. which will soon hit other New York City locations.

The cocktails offered at the Pegu Club, gave a great taste of what Laid Products have to offer.  The intense taste of the Jack Rabbit, which is a mix of Laird’s 100 Apple Brandy, Rum and Apricot Liqueur is sure to quench the taste of lovers of strong cocktails. The Copperhead however, which uses Laird’s 100 Apple Brandy and rye whiskey, is a much more soothing drink and might be better suited for those who have more sensitive palates. Then there is the Golden Delicious which takes Laird’s 7 ½ Year Apple Brandy, honey, and lemon juice to create a powerful yet sweet drink that will have you coming back for more. Laird & Company sent also the guests off with bags full of apples (including a candied apple!), a Laird’s cookbook and a bartender guide to make various Laird based cocktails.

Pegu Club © Tokyo Racer WhereNYC

Lisa Laird Dunn kicks off the cocktail mix-off © Tokyo Racer WhereNYC

Lisa Laird Dunn explained the process of making the Apple Jack Whiskey and how the Laird family has  been making spirits since the founding of America. For over two centuries, multiple US presidents, including General George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, have enjoyed the Laird families’ drinks.

For more information on cocktail events visit Laird Products or The Pegu Club