REVIEW: ONE STEP BEYOND with The Brothers Macklovitch, Prince Klassen, and DIRTYFINGER.

Cover image: ©AMNH/C. Chesek.

A diverse cast of DJ’s playing the best beats under the stars of AMNH’s Hayden Planetarium, led to an excellent night of music. In front a packed house, Dirtyfinger, Prince Klassen and Brothers Macklovitch put on an amazing show.

Even from the beginning, the dance floor was buzzing with excitement and ready to unleash in a dance off.

The Brothers Macklovitch ©AMNH/C. Chesek.

DirtyFinger and Prince Klassen kicked the party with some great tunes and got the crowd warmed up for The Brothers Macklovitch.

DirtyFinger has played all over the Brooklyn in spots such as Tender Trap and other loft parties, and has taken his skills worldwide.

One Step Beyond, 2/3/2017 ©AMNH/C. Chesek

Prince Klassen also brought great vibes to the party, and he is currently playing in Brooklyn as well and hosts the Turntable radio Podcast.

When The Brothers Macklovitch came on, they really turned up the heat and played amazing tracks with a good mix of old school beats and the newest trap music. Legendary superstar A-Trak and Chromeo’s Dave 1, the brother duo has turned house into a family business. Originally from Montréal, Canada, the two have an impressive pedigree of high end projects, from launching Fool’s Gold Label almost 10 years ago and has toured with likes of rapper Kanye West. Dave 1, one half of electro-funky Chromeo, guitarist and singer, joined A-Trak and created Canadian Hip Hop label Audio Research Records

One Step Beyond, 2/3/2017 ©AMNH/C. Chesek

From playing all over the world and playing in the best festivals, the crowd was hyped to hear them play.  Their set included a great mix of old club classics, trap music, electronic music, and Hip Hop staples. As usual the visuals above the planetarium dance floor were amazing and dancers young and old loved every bit of it.  It was a great mix of modern jams and old school classics that made this event a must see.   

One Step Beyond, 2/3/2017  ©AMNH/C. Chesek.

For information on upcoming dance parties at the American Museum of Natural History, visit One Step Beyond.