Review: French Tuesdays Champs Élysées at Avenue Bar Mar. 27, 2017

Cover image: French Tuesdays © Daniel Serrette

Whoever thought that Tuesdays are meant for parties, but French Tuesdays’ Champs Élysée 2.0 was the perfect weekday bash.

Avenue Night Club –  courtesy French Tuesdays

This month’s event was at the self proclaimed “exclusive” club Avenue which, while it delivered on its claims, didn’t do so in the ways one would imagine. This was, in fact, a good thing.

The greeting was warm, the club staff cordial and the crowd eclectic in the best sense of the word; a far cry from what one would expect if browsing the Yelp reviews of the club before going. It was, in fact, my first time in a nightclub in New York City and I entered, not knowing what to expect. The venue had an opulence that was easy to appreciate, and the sparklers that announced the arrival of a bottle service someone had ordered were enthralling, and matched the ambiance of the evening, with two dancers performing intermittently throughout.

French Tuesdays recent parties include “Geisha” at Megu at Dream © Daniel Serrette

As for the bar, the gin and tonic and champagne I ordered were delicious, well worth it. The dancing began later in the night, with people coyly chatting. Once the dancing kicked off, however, the party exploded with a burst of life and kept going until the end of the night. The timidity and self consciousness evaporated from the room, as it only can once the dancing starts and everyone begins to converge en masse into a little mob of bodies.

Once the night ended, I left feeling the distinct pang that accompanies the end a good night out.

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Hae Jin Kim