Bourbon and Biscuits at Jimmy’s No. 43, April 4, 2017

Cover image: Courtesy of Black Dirt Distillery

Hudson Baby Bourbon © Tokyoracer for WhereNYC

Fluffy biscuits are always a delight to have, but what could possibly make them better? How about some locally made bourbon? At East Village artisanal food mecca Jimmy’s No.43, guests had a wonderful evening full of bourbon tasting and delicious  biscuits and scones.

Bourbon connoisseur Lew Bryson, our evening’s host, walked us through the different types of bourbon we would be sampling along with tidbits on what goes into a bourbon and what to look for when tasting them. He’s no stranger to the industry, with hundreds of malt missions complete with detailed tasting notes on his blog. Bryson’s book, Tasting Whiskey, a sort of bible of distillery, is also a wonderful guide, essential for what adventurous bourbon tasters should look for in their drinks.

Lew Bryson – Courtesy of

The biscuits by Elizabeth Santiso’s Brooklyn Biscuit Company beautifully complemented the bourbon and pulled pork, provided by Flying Pigs Farm. The whole night was informative and fun, as everyone connected over great bourbon and amazing food.

It has long been a myth that bourbon could only come from Kentucky. As long as the distiller adheres to the stringent guidelines, however, bourbon can come from anywhere. In recent times, New York’s bourbon distilleries have risen into prominence, bringing serious competition to the industry. Featured distilleries such as: Hudson Baby Bourbon WhiskeyStill House Bourbon WhiskeyBlack Dirt Bourbon Whiskey and Kings County Distillery Bourbon have helped put New York on the bourbon map, giving the competition a serious run for its money.

Brooklyn Biscuit Company © Tokyoracer for WhereNYC

While selection of New York whiskeys this evening at Jimmy’s No. 43 were all top notch, my favorite of the night was the Hudson Baby Bourbon, which had a smooth taste and a light burn, yet both accessible enough to newcomers and refreshing for more seasoned bourbon lovers. Black Dirt Bourbon Whiskey, was another unique standout, and it had a more pronounced warmth to it as well. In terms of taste, aroma and texture, the bourbons had been made with expert knowledge and passion. It was a real treat to see what New York has to offer and learn how best to enjoy them.

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