Review: French Tuesdays 14th Anniversary at Zuma April 21, 2017

© Mike for French Tuesdays

Cover image: Mike for French Tuesdays

Larger-than-life Happy Birthday cards decorated the tables around the upstairs bar lounge of the trendy Zuma, setting the scene for French Tuesdays’ Fourteenth Anniversary celebration. With fourteen years of experience, the fête was fresher than ever, welcoming new and old members to dance the night away.

Girls night out © Mike for French Tuesdays

Guests indeed dressed to impress, as the FT’s invitation suggested, with one of the event’s hosts decked out in a white tuxedo. Each flute of champagne encouraged invitees to leave their workweek and political thoughts behind, regardless of the looming first round of the French presidential elections taking place this weekend.

Bubbly on ice © Mike for French Tuesdays

Attendees indulged in an array of selected menu items created specially for the event, like Zuma’s signature Japanese-inspired gindara no saikyo miso (black cod marinated in saikyo or white miso), hot and cold appetizers, and sushi and sashimi plates. Most partygoers opted for a sponsored champagne cocktails and gathered around friends and newcomers as the DJ’s hits and the accompanying percussionist, Trabi Lizie, kept partiers on their feet.

© Mike for French Tuesdays

At midnight the FT creators counted down to the event’s anniversary, with a birthday cake to top off the celebration. The soirée raged long into the evening with Zuma’s bartenders graciously keeping guests’ drinks full.

The birthday celebration continued the tradition of French Tuesday’s nightlife events, as the organization continues the party going beyond their fourteen years of socializing.

For information on upcoming events and membership, visit French Tuesdays.