Review: Slane Irish Whiskey Event at Middle Branch May 10th, 2017

Cover image: Slane Whiskey © Tokyoracer for WhereNYC

The introduction of Slane Irish Whiskey was a special one and the Middle Branch speakeasy was the perfect place to showcase the taste and explain the history behind this new libation.

Slane Irish Whiskey Cocktail Menu at Middle Branch © Tokyoracer for WhereNYC

Slane Irish Whiskey Cocktail Menu at Middle Branch © Tokyoracer for WhereNYC

Middle Branch is a speakeasy on East 33rd Street, and it’s a bit hidden for those who are going for the first time. Just be aware to look for the black door with a small light outside, which will lead you to an intoxicating venue with new décor and scents.  Once inside Middle Branch, it has a very intimate and cozy setting that gets you in the mood to drink and relax.

Slane Whiskey was on display on every table, proudly showcasing to all that there was a new whiskey to enjoy. There was a list of cocktails that were specifically made to bring out the great taste of Slane in new and delectable ways.  With cocktails such as the amazing Slane Sling and delicious Inside Job, there were plenty of cocktail choices for any whiskey lover to choose from.

For those who are new to whiskey cocktails, I would recommend the Inside Job cocktail, very smooth with a subtle sweetness that will surely make you crave another. A great aspect of Slane Whiskey is how smooth it is, even when tasting the whiskey neat, it doesn’t taste overpowering at all.

Alex Conyngham © Tokyoracer for WhereNYC

Alex Conyngham, whose family owns Slane Whiskey, began to explain the roots of the brand and the Rock & Roll history behind it. The name “Slane” comes from an Irish town, which is known to have a massive castle that the Conyngham’s have owned since the 18th century. Slane Castle Concert series takes place at the castle, which was founded by Alex’s father Henry Conyngham. Many classic bands have played there over the past 30 years, with Guns N Roses poised to make an appearance there later this month as well. The Slane family has taken this Rock’n Roll theme along with the history of the town of Slane to create this amazing whiskey.

For more information on upcoming events. visit Middle Branch Speakeasy.