Review: Porchlight’s Second Anniversary Celebration June 6, 2017

Cover image: The Sherry Fine and Heart Attack & Vine© Tokyoracer for WhereNYC / Porchlight

Where could one go to sip a cocktail with a little Southern charm in New York City? Porchlight is the answer for sure.  Located on the far Westside of Manhattan, in the remnants of Hell’s Kitchen, it’s a quiet, unassuming get away with a little rustic feel.

Porchlight © Tokyoracer for WhereNYC / Porchlight

Part of high-end restauranteur Danny Meyer’s empire, Porchlight is a step away from the usual fine dining suspects. His armada of flagships include: the Michelin-starred Gramercy Tavern, The Modern, and the minimalist Untitled at the Whitney Museum; the more relaxed and casual, Porchlighthowever, still follows Meyer’s ethos of hospitality.

Part of its charm is its off-the-beaten-path location. While the Hudson Yards, just to the North, is in the midst of a massive, skyscraper makeover resembling the skyline of Dubai, Porchlight is a Bohemian sanctuary, reminiscent of a grittier, cutting-edge New York. But once you enter Porchlight’s doors, you can detect Meyer’s unmistakeable presence with the warm welcome.

Our evening at Porchlight was full excellent food and great drinks. The décor was dark but intimate, and the lighting draws patrons to the bar to get a taste of various libations. The bar bites were delicious from Chef Anton Nocito’s essential Southern comforts like Hush Puppies, to fried chicken bites and mushroom sliders, there was something for everyone to enjoy. Adding to the effect with a certain quirkiness, Tara Linhardt’s Bluegrass Jam gave their folky twist on modern songs, setting the mood for the night.

Cocktails with a Southern twist © Tokyoracer for WhereNYC / Porchlight

The drink cocktails by head bartender Nicholas Bennett were excellent and bravely combined new flavors. The Sherry Fine was a smooth drink that Gin lovers would appreciate. For those looking for something a bit sweet and simpler, Porchlight’s Whiskey & Cola cocktail was a pleasure. Much of drink selection reflected seasonality, and with summer, comes vibrance and refreshing mixes. The Frozen Negroni was a perfect heatwave remedy that would sooth anyone on hot summer day.  Finally, The Heart Attack & Vine had a great array of flavors, which was yet still easy on the palate. Very clever.

© Tokyoracer for WhereNYC / Porchlight

All of these elements together transported us from the New York streets to a warm and friendly Southern shindig. If you’re craving a splash of the Deep South in NYC, without being gimmicky, definitely put the Porchlight on your radar.

© Tokyoracer for WhereNYC / Porchlight

Porchlight is located on 271 11th Ave.